About Us

The NYC Karaoke League is a social first competition between teams ranging from 6-8 members. Each week your team performs two solos and one group song in what we call a Karaoke Battle. Even if they aren’t singing, team members are encouraged to help get their team over the the top by either dancing, serving as a prop, or cheering from off stage. Every Karaoke Battle has a theme associated with it. So, one week you might be rock out to songs from the 80s, and the following week you may be channeling your inner Freddie Mercury in tribute week.

NYC Karaoke League is highly social and we strongly encourage team interaction. While we are a competition, scoring is peer based and we are strong proponents of inclusion and support. Getting up in front of strangers that are scoring your performance is no easy thing to do and we applaud anyone willing to do so.

The competition is structured in a peer judging system. This means, each night you submit your scores for the other teams competing with the exception of your team and the team you are going against. We have a 10 point ranking scale in the categories of Sound and Showmanship. In addition, the host and some guests judges will submit scores that are weighed into the final score. Each team performs three songs against another team’s three songs, and can thus pick up 3 wins in an evening.

Not enough singing for you? Each week we have open mic before and after the competition. So get your vocal chords warmed up, practice your dance moves, and come out and join us! 🙂

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