Season Twenty Four

Season 24 Recap:

Season Twenty Four took place throughout the fall of 2016. Each of the 6 teams competed against two other teams each night. Over the six week competition we saw every thing from edible outfits to numerous high kicks to a performance in silhouettes a la James Bond. The spectacle added to the impressive vocal talent to make season 24 one for the record books!

The following teams participated

Hot for Teacher

Livin la Dia Loca

Kate’s Bush

Channel 6 Evening News

Whoremoneous Pitches

Only Here for Shots

After a very close battle Kate’s Bush won the title! Kate’s Bush was made up of NYC Karaoke League veterans who had always made it close to the end, but never claimed victory till now! The season’s MVP’s also came from Kate’s Bush, Justin and Terri. Only Here for Shots claimed second place. Only Here for Shots was also comprised mostly of veterans which had won coveted awards throughout prior seasons.

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