Season Dates for 2017

The year of our karaoke lord, two thousand and sixteen has finally come to a close. It will be a year that lives in infamy for some many reasons, but rather than dwell on the past, we look to 2017 with hope and a serious need for an excuse to wail.

We at NYC Karaoke League resolve to be better than ever in the new year. We are launching a new website, rolling out weekly recaps of past seasons, beefing up our social media game, and providing better information to our members. This is a busy city and for that reason we run shorter 6-week seasons (7 if you attend the mixer) and are offering up 5 opportunities to compete in 2017.

Each season has the option of Tuesday or Wednesday nights. We skip major US holidays as well as a few religious ones.

Season 25: Jan31/Feb1through March 7/8 – Register Today

Season 26: March 21/22 through April 25/26

Season 27: May 9/10- June 13/14

Season 28: July 18/19 through August 22/23

Season 29: October 24/25- December 5/6

*Dates and locations are subject to change.



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