Season One

Season One’s first song took place in December of 2009 and the competition carried on through the early weeks of 2010. We had 8 teams spread across 2 divisions and our format and scoring looked a lot different than what we now use. Teams had exactly 4 singers and you sang a male solo, a female solo, a group song, and could then enter an additional song into any of those three competitions. The opposite division would then rank all of the songs in each category from their favorite to least favorite and the best ranking would win. So, your team could conceivably win all 3 categories and finish 2nd in another, which would qualify as a perfect night.

The following teams participated

Freddie Mercury Division:
The Wednesday ATOMS
Tyler Perry Presents: Song List of a Mad Black Woman
The Big Apple Quartet
Karaoke All Stars

David Bowie Division:
Rockin Robyns
Team Peru
Rock’N Your Face, Rock’N Your Butt

We did not have a cross divisional championship so there were two champions for the first season. Wednesday ATOMS & Rockin Robyns won their divisions with 11 and 9 wins respectfully.  ATOMS featured Brian, Jessie, and Sylvanus who would be seen for multiple seasons throughout the league history. Rockin Robyns were headed up by Robyn and Lucy. Lucy would eventually serve as the host for several seasons.

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