Season Dates for 2017

The year of our karaoke lord, two thousand and sixteen has finally come to a close. It will be a year that lives in infamy for some many reasons, but rather than dwell on the past, we look to 2017 with hope and a serious need for an excuse to wail. We at NYC Karaoke League…

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Community Through Song

NYC Karaoke was founded on the premise that every person has a song or performance to share. We are an inclusive community that know personally that even the most experienced singers still get butterflies before their song. Getting in front of total strangers and singing a song you might be performing for the first time…

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About Us

The NYC Karaoke League is a social first competition between teams ranging from 6-8 members. Each week your team performs two solos and one group song in what we call a Karaoke Battle. Even if they aren’t singing, team members are encouraged to help get their team over the the top by either dancing, serving as…

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